Our signs are not just signs, they’re who you are.

We are deeply passionate about custom signage design and manufacturing. Our mission is to bring creativity, innovation, style and perfectionist execution to forward-thinking designers, architects, and brands.

Founded by 2010, Ez-Tech Design works intuitively to pinpoint essential material qualities and applications to effectively bring a brand to life.

We provide strategic and creative resources to clients during every step of the process, combining inspiration with business objectives and proprietary manufacturing techniques, to produce powerful brand experiences and effective corporate office signage solutions.

Office Lobby Signs

Office Lobby Signs are the first branding you see when first walking through the doors of an established business. Along with the interior design of the office, your reception sign is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

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Channel letters

Individual letters provide an eye-catching look for your building fascia and a smart, sophisticated finish. Channel letters can be manufactured in any size, font or colour giving you flexibility to match your corporate requirements and budget.

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Backlit office signs

Backlit office signs have LED light strips mounted to the back of each letter allowing a light to glow around each letter providing a “halo” effect. Backlit signs are typically made using flat cut materials like acrylic and are raised off the wall on special clear …

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Dimensional sign letters

Dimensional sign letters are 3D letters made from Acrylic, or Metal that are mounted individually to the wall. They can either be raised on clear spacers or mounted flush with the wall. Options for depth include 1/16″ to 1″ for flat cut materials and 1″ – 5″ and up for layered Foam, Layered MDF or Channel letters.

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Background Panel Signs

Signs with letters and symbols pre-mounted to a clear, frosted, metal or custom solid color piece of material are called background panel signs. These plaques are used to simplify installation, help separate letters from walls painted a conflicting color, or just produce a glass sign effect.

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