What are Background Panel Signs?

Signs with letters and symbols pre-mounted to a clear, frosted, metal or custom solid color piece of material are called background panel signs. These plaques are used to simplify installation, help separate letters from walls painted a conflicting color, or just produce a glass sign effect.

Solving Complex Sign Projects with Background Panels

Acrylic, Aluminum or Wood panels solve common issues:

  • Easing installation on textured walls.
  • Simplifying re-installation.
  • Backlighting a sign in one piece.
  • Providing a more substantial or classic glass sign look.Background panels can help separate letters painted the same color as the reception area wall by adding contrast and increasing visual impact.

Clear acrylic panels can be made with vinyl film logos (2D stickers) and to display company values, vision, and mission statements in the reception area. Using vinyl film as opposed to 3D letters can help lower the cost of custom signage projects.

Dimensional acrylic letters and logos can be pre-mounted to brushed stainless steel or aluminum background panels.

Acrylic prints are perfect for projects too complex to make in 3D. They can fill a wall with printed logos of companies you service. Helen, from ASL Consulting, a pleasure to work with, shows off her acrylic print.

Sharper edges, fine details and high resolution even on very small printed signs thanks to our modern UV Printing. Acrylic background panels can be used as wall art in corporate boardrooms and offices. Acrylic prints display images with a high luster finish.

We print the image onto the back of the acrylic to provide richer, sharper colors and to protect the print. The acrylic helps maintain color vibrancy over time.

Ready to Get Started?

Background panel signs solve a number of common concerns. With all these options to choose from, it may seem overwhelming. We’re here to help!